Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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some things
just tend to seem like a dream after some time..
things that even break us at a given moment.. time is
a great healer.. or maybe we just have strong defense
systems that let our minds dim memories that are
hurtful to us.. shut them out enough to be able to do

compromising everything we stand
for only gives birth to bitterness.. but it's
necessary for our sanity, to come to terms with our
roots.. essential to learn to forgive our parents to
ever like ourselves, we can never feel happy inside otherwise.. it
can be very destructive, the hurt is nothing
compared to the 'resentment' inside.. that
desperately needs healing.. for it would always
hurt, whether we stay together or separately, because it's not just
the 'behaviour' that bothers.. it's the
acknowledgement, the love that we need, that we find
wanting.. We love our parents.. how
could we handle having to 'apologize' for them or
hurting them..

we can't forgive some things.. can't understand them..
the question like a protest always remains..

a sense of loss
eyes hot
filling with moisture
seeping through in silent protest
on lashes  holding in vain that tiny drop
shimmering with myriad questions
swimming inside....

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