Wednesday, April 22, 2015


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some things
just tend to seem like a dream after some time..
things that even break us at a given moment.. time is
a great healer.. or maybe we just have strong defense
systems that let our minds dim memories that are
hurtful to us.. shut them out enough to be able to do

compromising everything we stand
for only gives birth to bitterness.. but it's
necessary for our sanity, to come to terms with our
roots.. essential to learn to forgive our parents to
ever like ourselves, we can never feel happy inside otherwise.. it
can be very destructive, the hurt is nothing
compared to the 'resentment' inside.. that
desperately needs healing.. for it would always
hurt, whether we stay together or separately, because it's not just
the 'behaviour' that bothers.. it's the
acknowledgement, the love that we need, that we find
wanting.. We love our parents.. how
could we handle having to 'apologize' for them or
hurting them..

we can't forgive some things.. can't understand them..
the question like a protest always remains..

a sense of loss
eyes hot
filling with moisture
seeping through in silent protest
on lashes  holding in vain that tiny drop
shimmering with myriad questions
swimming inside....

Thursday, April 16, 2015

rhythmic patterns

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as I look back
I see freshness
strung on rhythmic patterns
pure poetry -
each breath
each hush
each moment
yes, I have felt spring
all along....

you've already delved deep
to find the words..
and me..
I can simply feel
a labored breath,
waves of warmth
as nothing dare break
this hushed silence
so overcome with this
yet another glimpse
into your heart..


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ashes or embers
etched in memory
the sparks of which
might haunt still

Slivers of glimmering pain
shedding bit by bit
fossilized or swept away

yes you overcome me
with a fresh smile
holding me forever
under this spell of -

a miracle happening....


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each night after tucking in
the kids, I go to the window and look for the moon..
it's something one has to experience to understand..
it's so utterly beautiful.. the shimmering lights
reflected in the sea.. and those boats like tiny stars
twinkling all over.. with the moon so sure and
incomparable.. stardust all around.. I can almost feel
it reflected in my eyes..

Each dawn I greet the sun
with a wave and hopeful smile anew

each time I look at the moon
involuntarily I say 'I love you'

each star in the sky fills my heart
with hope and conviction
of dreams realized

each cloud seems to glow
with defiance and belief
pride and joy, faith inside

like the special smiles
and wayward tears
that none could bring but you

yes, I can't help thanking
someone up there
for helping your dreams
come true....

Illusory life

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This acute shattering 
Of a self that seems to
Splinter into numb shards
Buried deep so deep
In cocooned vacuum

That rare fleeting touch
Of oneness.. So palpable..
Like rays of sunshine dancing
Over d sea in shimmery slivers
Of aching fluid refracting self

What hurts more.. The ache
Or the limbo.. As Time jumps
Between pockets of urgency and lethargy..
Mocking the cognition of its passage
In an illusory life!

feel the magic in the air

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At midnight as you enjoy the beauty of the night sky,
greeting this special day, hear in that hushed
silence, the sound of the waves playing on strings
with each twinkling star, wishing you a very happy
b'day! and know it's from me.. close your eyes and
make a wish.. believe me it'll come true.. 'cause
that's my gift to you..

Find me in that satisfaction suffusing your being,
telling you what a special person you are and how
beautiful this day is going to be, that first ray of
light falling on you, warming, carrying my wishes to
you.. it's warmth reflected in that joy in your
heart.. as if you can fly free, the world's at your

Yes feel the happiness and carry it through the day..
know without a doubt as you greet the dawn and look up
at the rising sun, that's where you are going to
reach.. hug this joy within you and keep it always..

I wish you a very Happy Birthday.. and happiness
always, every moment, every breath, every step you
take.. with the knowledge that you are exceptional..
and loved just the way you are.. no matter what.. and
that I miss you so.. specially today..

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lord Krsna! and The Bhagwad Gita!

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In This beautiful moving summary of The Gita, hides the answer to our existence.. A gift given to us by a caring soul.. A truth needed to be felt.. A faith divined.. A drop melting into the ocean.. 

Thank you so much for this moving summary.. That gives years of conditioning a glimpse of divinity at play.. the flute sounds chiding.. calming.. Compelling.. Creation into peaceful mesmeric rhythmic hues..!

Our humble gratitude is to Krsna, who makes it possible for us to read these eternal words, The Gita, when we are ready for them.. Hope he blesses us with senses able to grasp and lose ourselves in the essence of His words!

Had the same overwhelming reaction when i read these profoundly simple words.. Am really enjoying this sacred book.. enlightening excerpts and unknown scriptural facts.. shared thoughts.. All weave a pure calm and peaceful vibe into our day..!

These words are universal.. Divine.. And eternal.. Even Though interpretations can be subjective.. and meanings unveiled situational.. Yet Always Satiating souls with their very intonation..

Thank you all the interpreters for a powerful experience.. What An Ethereal blending of Grounding truths and spiritual levitation.. transcending every person reading to an aura of joyous beatitude! Hare  Krishna to all!

A humbled thanks to our Guruji who taught us even more with his presence than his words.. Hearing, helping, teaching, guiding and resolving the problems of so many with ready humour.. Amidst constant phenomenal pain himself.. Undefeated unfazed.. Beaming.. Thank you Guruji.. This was the most potent lesson I learnt.. Hare Krishna!

We really appreciate your heartfelt and sincere follow-up to any queries whatsoever.. your help and guidance goes beyond any obligation.. and i think i speak for everyone when i say we are really touched by your singular faith and dedication!

In moments like this we know there are hands and hearts God has sent for our journey.. As guides.. As companions.. As friends.. Thank you.. Every journey holds awe and wonder.. Feel we too are on the brink of new discoveries.. Within..!

Thank you and the devotees expressing this so simply yet manifestly! Making this group was a blessed idea.. Enabling everyone to say, read, hear or take the various names of Krsna.. Seeking answers together to universal queries.. Cleansing, purifying, opening our hearts to a divine melody..

Looking back we can connect the dots of our life.. and even more wondrously see the minute links people have formed to make it all possible..

The root cause of all our fears is 'change'!

In our rush to fulfill d mundane, v need pockets of oasis like this.. Thank you!

Most brilliant ideas are denied by time taken to think..:) love d thot..

Its a beautiful thought.. Like d one to form this group.. God works in strange ways.. Leaving clues.. Paving paths.. N v walk with bold or tentative steps.. Connecting d dots much much later.. Seeped in Humbled faith..!

With utter gratitude i realize, Guruji humbly kept saying he wasnt teaching anything new.. Thus crumbling any walls or resistance within..  With subtle nuances, a clarity of thought n belief.. Brightly Wrapped in humor.. Unshackling.. Shifting.. He Gave fresh perspective to all v understood.. Culminating into a divine vision in our hearts.. Lord Krishna..

Whether teacher, guru, or God; Unless our hearts and minds are open, we can never truly study, learn, embrace, or understand !

A lot of seemingly random things come together to convene the present moment.. N thats how d presence of Krishna feels in our lives!

Thanks to this group, v hv this platform to share n read thoughts or shlokas or krsna's name everyday.. Being blessed with spiritual succour Despite our various commitments..

It is a blessing to be in touch with such an inspired soul..!

So true! Words of heartfelt Appreciation always transform as a blessing that enfolds, encourages, empowers, n endeavours towards its realisation..! 

Its d most beautiful gift one can give to all the special ppl in their lives..

People not born into Krsna conscious families.. Can probably realise the myriad links leading them towards this blessed path.. N this itself is a miracle happening!

seva that steps outside our comfort zone extracts an indescribable touched humility.. 

Thank u so much.. Gifting something sacred comes with its own set of responsibilities.. Ensuring its respect and sanctity..

Faith in any form is blessed and sacred.. All paths cleansing our soul towards a singular magnetic irresistible pull.. We are lucky to tread this field.. That compels us to let go!

It never ceases to amaze that amidst the possibility and capacity of varying interpretations our minds still touch on just an iota of truth.. Each fresh facet still instilling awe at missing even such simplicity of fact.. Maybe its the noise we constantly live with of mundane trivia, in our minds.. Or the blind limiting conditioning that prevents free thought..

We magnetically attract things we are ready for into our life.. Our hearts Miraculously gravitating towards fresh introductions with ourselves..

Appreciation is a mirror that reflects identical emotions..

Pl thank Guruji for his thoughtful msg n care.. God works in wondrous ways beyond our comprehension or understanding.. Maybe this was his way of providing d much-needed rest Guruji deserves.. Hope he feels better soon!

All these shared experiences n stories help weave our faith into recognisable patterns.. Thank u n all others sharing here..

We all thank each other for various things but only God ensures a hand, a thought, a lesson, a direction at the right time..

Thank u Guruji for this beautiful message as we step into a New Year, respecting the  movement of time n constancy of change.. The 'gift' in reciprocity of life holding a msg, 'this too shall pass', n d transcendence of surrender, answering d qs, how can a drop of water turn into an ocean.. V were meant to learn these lessons before our understanding of d sacred Gita.. N v sincerely thank u for it..

Saturday, December 21, 2013


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Thinking negatively about people discolours our own view

Reality-check- Tiny little frowns constantly dot our brow unsettling our whole system.. For thoughts that plague us n remain only in our head

Every person in our lives is a destined 'guide'.. Tho V need to Focus on The lessons.. V rue or celebrate the ties..

This is a thought-world..

In our thought world we only see with an 'I'.. For No relation remains untouched by recriminations or disquiet..

The purest relation we have is with ourselves.. the rest of the world can never match up..

we are all unhappy because we all come second in each others life.. For the first is always our own
Life is so fleeting it can change everything in an instant.. Mocking the impressions of constancy in our tears and smiles..

If newspapers define the power of the pen exposing blatant truth in public interest.. What 'sells'! The news.. The paper.. The scam.. Or the cover-up.. Despite cell-phones and news updates.. Internet and wi-fi.. A newspaper still remains a conditioned necessity.. Wish in all its reports this stays a highlighted fact.. News comes first.. Not ads.. you are there to expose corruption.. Not become its mouthpiece

These gossamer strings weaving ethereal patterns on a tapestry of human emotions splash unique hues that delineate or enhance our cohesive roots in fleeting angles of light playing over it..


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The more i look within the worse the turmoil.. Life itself in flux.. Everything seems strange.. Who is this person inside so circumstantially dependent.. How can we profess to know anyone or people profess to know us.. How can we be sure of circumstances.. Or of things happening in our lives.. A blink is all it takes for everything to change..

Fate destiny or the entire cosmos.. Don't know what we are speeding towards or what is causing the myriad shifts in our life.. And yet we think of ourselves as the doer? What is in our hands? Choices yes.. But choices after we face providence.. And situations that were meant to be.. Nothing in this entire universe or our entire being can we ever swear by.. For these minute providential shifts ensure otherwise..

This mind is helplessly blinded by thoughts that have no base no reality to them.. A single thought that can make us utterly miserable is easily overcome by a shift in attention.. Same situation.. Same circumstances.. Just these thoughts racing across our minds obsessively.. Teasingly.. Tormentingly.. Fleetingly.. And we who take such extreme pride in holding the reins of our lives.. Screaming freedom of thought all the time.. Are pathetic pawns of these racing wisps of air.. Staking friendships.. Relationships.. Years of togetherness.. On just one circumstantial passing thought that refuses to leave.. And yet easily disappears when replaced by another perspective.. Along with the demonic thoughts of guilt and regret..

Every scripture calls this creation a dream.. Unreal.. Yet we maintain ourselves supreme Between such temporal thoughts running amok within a dream.. This one self.. The center of this universe.. Each drop hiding the ocean within.. Yet Thinking its the ocean itself.. A part of the whole..


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Every time we speak on the phone and the reception is bad, we start sounding irritable, impatient, needing to shut the conversation fast because it gets impossible to understand anything.. The same thing happens in relationships.. When we can't 'connect' or 'understand' another, the same feelings of impatience and irritability arise.. But can both be easily sorted by retrying or removing the static in between..

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Toss the coin

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A rare sound reverberates in my heart
Quiet joy or crazed furor
Why would this question arise
Such beggars we have become
Every penny questioned
Every penny grabbed
And i toss the coin hoping
It would hold the answer
To this rising mirth inside....

Nakedness inside

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Got up early and went for a walk.. Need to resolve to meditate.. At least 15 mins before designated time to be up.. Have realized today that we all have our fears n insecurities.. That we deal with in our own ways.. Some peculiar.. Some universal.. But what never changes is being so strongly opinionated about things.. In a life that is so unpredictable.. How are we still So sure of ourselves and what we say as the sole true reality.. Easily dismissing the grey areas.. Critical from our distanced positions.. Lacking any compassion if it conflicts with our belief system.. 

It is strange this life.. A sad and heavy heart struggling to find solace in pockets of valiant understanding interspersed with dark moments of deep disquiet racing with acceptance.. patience.. destiny and time.. Perhaps envying those carefree smiles.. Those happy hearts.. Still feeling burdened chokingly.. With others' plight.. For we do need that flower.. We do need that melody.. We do need that sunrise.. To help us remember to smile.. For in this life, time and seasons move on relentlessly.. And though we have learnt to adapt physically to both.. We are too conditioned and sensorially primed to cope with the nakedness inside..   


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Our conditioning limits us so much in life that we remain unaware, sometimes forever, of the reserves of darkness or light hidden deep inside.. Even Though hearteningly overshadowed by the human spirit and its requisite for survival.. Tragedy still wears a singular garb.. Be it the cruel intentions of terrorists.. Greed of militia.. Religious sacrilege.. Or plight of the hostages.. And media objectifying its abhorrent shades.. 

life takes us on these weird roller coasters with myriad 'colors' whizzing by sometimes so fast that we end up missing everything around, even the joy of the ride itself.. Atrocities in any form, always repel.. Darkening the soul of 'humanity'.. Leaving protesting questions intermingled with angry revulsion.. But even though looking down from random 'satellites' one sees us as earthlings or the human race.. And though a mere stitch in the tapestry of the cosmos.. We still get back to our 'individual' lives, worrying over a rude 'nudge' in a tube or being ignored in some random invite.. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


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This acute shattering 
Of a self that seems to
Splinter into numb shards
Buried deep so deep
In cocooned vacuum

That rare fleeting touch
Of oneness.. So palpable..
Like rays of sunshine dancing
Over d sea in shimmery slivers
Of aching fluid refracting self

What hurts more.. The ache
Or the limbo.. As Time jumps
Between pockets of urgency and lethargy..
Mocking the cognition of its passage
In an illusory life!

Monday, April 15, 2013

What silence hides

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Haunting questions chased fluidly away
With myriad distractions rushing in
Scared so scared to unsettle reality
Or plain lazy!
Is it the world as we know it..
Is it the bubble we have made around us..
Is it the mundane or the decadent..
Is it the pure selflessness
So stark.. So lonely..
Cowardice.. Inertia.. Inanity..
We find answers in words
What silence hides...............